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Bikes, cities, adventures...

Gear, accessories and support for bike commuters and cycle tourists

MUNDORAINTXE was created to promote cycling as a means of transport for commuters and bike tourers. It is a natural extension of ORAINTXE, a flagship bicycle messenger company. MUNDORAINTXE grew out of a dream shared by the members of our staff, who use their bikes for commute, pleasure and touring. Our experience, passion and desire to offer quality services and materials designed for urban cyclists and cycle tourists prompted us to launch this initiative, founded on a single underlying principle: we offer only what we've tested and trust.

A whole world to discover... by bike


Mundoraintxe offers a wide range of services to help people get out and enjoy the world of cycling. Full range of high performance gear and accessories, quality rental bikes dropped off and picked up at various destinations, luggage transport services, transfers ... everything you need for a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride. We can meet any logistics challenge on the Iberian Peninsula. We can also help you with ideas and suppor for a fabulous biking weekend with your friends or family. Or design your own route and we'll see to the details, whatever and whenever you like.

The Mundoraintxe story


At Mundoraintxe we've been pedaling for over 25 years. Our journey has included adventures and misadventures, delightful discoveries and great satisfaction -always on our bikes. Every leg of our journey has reminded us of how fortunate we are to work with and on bicycles, since it has given us the opportunity to experience the countryside, closely with people from around the world, and travel with a feeling of freedom that no other vehicle offers.  

We know what it's like to travel the world with bikes and luggage, loading and unloading at train stations and airports, dealing with silly breakdowns and having unpleasant surprises with accommodation. Mundoraintxe offers a full range of services to make bicycle traveling simple and pleasant. Discover a nwe world on two wheels. Let your imagination be your guide! 

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